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Applying for Membership


The number of Regular Members in the Club is limited to 80 families. Openings are created by resignation or by transfers to Senior status. Any member in good standing can sponsor a candidate for Regular Membership; however, as a sponsoring member you must have completed three full years in the Club so that you fully understand the character, activities, and expectations of the Club.

If you wish to sponsor a family, the membership form should be completed by the applicant and returned to you, the sponsor, and sent by you to the Club. Along with the completed application include a family photograph of the applicant. Supporting and Seconding letters of recommendation are also required. Email completed applications the Club President, Dan Hannis, at dhannis@gmail.com

Club members should not take the responsibility of sponsorship lightly. Before accepting that responsibility, members should understand their obligation to the club. The sponsor is required to:

  1. Serve as Head Couple at one Thursday Night Supper (TNS) (the new member and seconder also serves a shift at same TNS).
  2. Participate in the spring clean-up day and fall closing day.
  3. Familiarize the member candidate to the rules of Middlefork Tennis Club.

In addition, sponsors are strongly encouraged to bring applicants to club events, particularly Thursday Night Suppers, Labor Day Party, or Ladies’ or Men’s tennis events. The Board strongly discourages applicants themselves from directly requesting letters of support from existing members. It is the job of the sponsor to solicit this support on the behalf of the candidate they are sponsoring.

Applications are logged in the order received by the President. Applications are reviewed as spots on the active roster open.

The guidelines the Board follows in approving applications and voting for the membership are contained in Article III, Section 6, of the Club ByLaws. The criteria involved in the decision process include but are not limited to location of residence, proximity, age distribution within the club, legacy, interest in the facilities and support of the Club’s social events and tennis teams, and families known within the Club. Letters of support can help the Board become better acquainted with proposed candidates.

Since circumstances vary each year and the membership is limited, it is difficult to predict when an applicant will be accepted. In the past some applicants have waited four or five years while others are accepted sooner. If an applicant is not accepted within three years, the sponsor is required after the third year to resubmit the family’s application anew. We look forward to receiving new member applications. Thank you for taking the time to be a sponsor.

After the Board has made its annual review of applications, the Club President will notify you, as sponsor, of the status of your proposed member.



This application must include letters from both Sponsor and Seconder. A current family photograph is recommended and helpful to the Board. Additional support letters from other Club members are appreciated. After three years, the sponsor must update an application. Email completed applications to the Club President, Dan Hannis, at dhannis@gmail.com

Please include a letter to tell the Board why you want to be a member of the MTC, what area of expertise you’d be willing to provide to the Club, as a volunteer, and what activities or volunteer work (e.g. village, school, religious organization) with which you are involved.

Application Fee

Price: $25.00

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